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Soul Voice Practitioner 2006

Tibetan Bowl sound therapist

Sound Healing Will Soothe, Inspire and
Awaken Your Spirit... Organs, muscles, tissues, meridians and subtle energy bodies are gently massaged with sound vibrational medicine using the voice!

Sound healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. 

Sessions offered:

1.5 hours - $180

 Sound Bath - An introduction to sound healing for deep relaxation and stress release, tone, tibetan bowls are used to balance and revitalize system.

• Harmonic Alignment- Tuning Forks are used to balance and align the chakras and energy body, deeply relaxing and revitalizing.

• Overtone Sound Healing - The physiological effects of using overtone sound healing are extraordinary. Depression & fatigue disappear. Physical pains and emotional blockages of any kind can dear up. The nervous system
becomes balanced and so do the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

•  Body part Healing - Addresses specific energy blockages stored in our physical bodies as acute reocuring pain and dis-ease stored in the muscles and cellular memory of the body.

• One Sound Chakra Healing -  The voice is used as a tool to release layers of old patterns & integrate new positive belief systems.

Sound Healing Vibrational sessions and healing Workshops:
 Kauai Hawaii...

 Techniques: Voice -  "Soundscapes" - exploring the voice as a tool for healing.
 Himalayan singing bowls -  learning the fundamentals , singing bowls, vibration alignment, geometry layouts and chakra attunement.

himalayan tibetan bowl healing layout


Hands-on techniques class in how to play Himalayan Singing Bowls for sound & vibrational healing.  Learn the lineage of sacred 7-metal Singing Bowls and how they’re made. See different bowls available and learn techniques for rubbing, striking and playing bowls and Tingsha. $195- class 2.5 hours


Healing with One and Two Singing Bowls- 

A hands-on workshop that teaches special healing techniques for those who are starting out with only one or two bowls.  Learn how to heal through the bowls with sacred meditation whether you’re using a massage table or a floor layout. $195 - 2.5 hours

vibrational healing, sound, tibetan singing bowls